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Fayetteville Manlius Schools

Fayetteville Manlius Schools are highly sought after. We suggest you take the time to stop and visit them. They will be happy to help you in every way. We highly recommend making an appointment with the school for a tour of the grounds and facilities as well as a chance to speak with teachers and administrators. We are certain that you will be impressed.

There are no schools near by this property.

Fayetteville Manlius  Schools

Fayetteville Manlius Schools District

Fayetteville-Manlius High School

8201 East Seneca Turnpike
Manlius, NY 13104
(315) 692-1900
(315) 692-1028

Eagle Hill Middle School
4645 Enders Road
Manlius, NY 13104
(315) 692-1400
(315) 692-1046

Wellwood Middle School
700 S. Manlius Street
Fayetteville, NY 13066
(315) 692-1300
(315) 692-1049

Enders Road Elementary School
4725 Enders Road
Manlius, NY 13104
(315) 692-1500
(315) 692-1053

Fayetteville Elementary School
704 S. Manlius Street
Fayetteville, NY 13066
(315) 692-1600
(315) 692-1055

Mott Road Elementary School
7173 Mott Road
Fayetteville NY 13066
(315) 692-1700
(315) 692-1054

Fayetteville Manlius Schools District mission is to respect and realize the aspirations our community has for its children, by providing excellence in education and creating opportunities for each and every child to reach his/her fullest potential as a responsible citizen and member of a global community.
They believe in the following core values and characteristics:

Building a caring, safe, respectful, and orderly learning environment by fostering reciprocal relationships and positive interactions among staff, students, and parents
Maintaining the trust of our community through communication, integrity, and fairness
Sharing and celebrating the differences in all students to promote an inclusive setting
Cultivating a school climate of civility, strong character, and global citizenship
Monitoring accountability through continuous review of data and student achievement
Pursuing continuous improvement
Promoting curricular consistency and articulation
Developing a highly capable and collaborative staff
Advancing a technology-rich environment
Offering reasonable class size supported by quality services and facilities
Using resources wisely and responsibly

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